Positive effects of dating relationships

I had the veil of my first relationship lifted after I discovered my then-partner was having Skype relations with multiple people while we were exclusive.

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“If you keep searching for content that feeds into your fears,” Korn tells us, “eventually you’re going to find it—regardless of whether or not there’s been an actual breach of trust.” How strange our brains are that they can imagine a breach of trust even if there isn’t one.

Even something as tiny as not being consistently present in your partner’s social media can trigger anxiety.

Not to make this any trickier, but Korn tells us that two recent studies have found couples are happier when they are present in each other’s social media lives.

“For instance, Saslow and colleagues (2013) found that people whose Facebook feeds and profile pictures included their significant other reported feeling more satisfied in and committed to their relationships.

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