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The rest was observations mixed with some advice, and this was a story. It was supposed to be one of ten parts of the big post.Little did I know it would end up hitting the 5000 word mark all on it’s own.As for Haxton, the money he earned moved him over million in live tournament earnings, which places him third on Nevada’s all-time money list and 22nd overall.

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The following is a collection of bits and pieces of my story, from ages 18-22. By no means does this cover everything that happened in my life during that time, but I think it gives a good overall feel for it, and hopefully let’s you guys get to know me a little bit better.

The Beginning I started playing online poker for fun when I was a freshman in at University of Wisconsin – Madison. Clearly, I didn’t know much about bankroll management at the time. I had a few thousand dollars in my bank account, mostly leftover from my Bar-Mitzvah and two summers as a camp counselor.

My parents were paying for my school, housing, and a meal plan, and I never spent money on anything other than video games, so I wasn’t running out anytime soon. Once the winter of my sophomore year rolled around, I had a run that $50 up to a few thousand.

I had read a handful of books, joined 2 2, bought Poker Tracker, and was making about $30/hr playing Sit-n-Go’s.

He also happened to be playing at Bellagio a few days ago when an armed assailant robbed the poker cage. Cameras may deter a person from stealing, but a deranged maniac often could care less about being filmed.” Haxton responded: Meanwhile, the victory pushed Koon’s winnings for 2017 up to $4,231,612, a career high dating back to 2008.