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Even though they are written in parallel, one needs to wait for the last I/O to be on disk before the parallel write is complete. October 16, 2001 - pm UTC There can be IO slaves in the system and most all systems support async IO (fire the write off but don't wait for it so you can fire that next one off -- then wait for them all to finish).. In such cases, does Oracle write to log members alternatively in a round-robbin fashion.

P2 blocks will be written to each log member, in P3 number of requests. If there were 2 requests, there would be two physical writes per log member. of log blocks will be divided up between the requests.

It leads me to believe the coder only knew how to do row at a time processing, and doesn't do any bulk SET oriented operations.

That is like the difference between going to the library and asking for War and Peace a page at a time -- making the librarian run back and forth and back and forth versus Asking for War and Peace -- one bulk operation....

I think the problem lies in the logic of the client. TO_DATE ) c WHERE a.prd_cd = b.prd_cd AND (( TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,7,2)) BETWEEN c.from_gsm AND c.to_gsm) OR (TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,7,2)) = TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,7,2)))) AND (( TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,9,4))/10 BETWEEN c.from_width AND c.to_width ) OR ( TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,9,4))/10 = TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,9,4))/10) ) AND ((TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,13,4))/10 BETWEEN c.from_length AND c.to_length) OR ( TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,13,4))/10 = TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,13,4))/10)) AND (SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,2,3) = c.variety_cd OR 'ALL' = c.variety_cd OR SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,2,3) =SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,2,3)) AND (SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,5,1) = c.std_ret_ind OR 'B' = c.std_ret_ind OR SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,5,1) = SUBSTR(a.prd_cd,5,1)) AND (a.mchn_no = c.mchn_no OR c.mchn_no = 0 OR a.mchn_no = a.mchn_no ) GROUP BY SUBSTR (a.prd_cd,1,1) , SUBSTR (a.prd_cd,2,3) , SUBSTR (a.prd_cd,5,1) , TO_NUMBER (SUBSTR (a.prd_cd,6,3)) , TO_NUMBER (SUBSTR (a.prd_cd, 9, 4)) / 10 , TO_NUMBER (SUBSTR (a.prd_cd, 13, 4)) / 10 , a.mchn_no, B.