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She identifies herself as a "fairy godmother"—one incorporating aspects of the mentor, the personal shopper, and the borderline-bitchy rom-com best friend—and the elves of the sound team help to fill in the sense of fairy magic.

During the intro, they lay on a sonic starburst—a synthesizer's answer to Tinkerbell's sparking wand—just at the moment that she makes the big promise to effect a metamorphosis.

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The show takes reality TV one coquettishly shod step in a new direction in its quest to package romance and myth.

Roe advertises herself as a fashion journalist and stylist "hailing from London but now based in L. She is faintly alien, plausibly posh, strategically tacky, and Britishly skinny, her eyelashes thicker than her forearms.

“You’re statistically more likely to be chatted up by a boy if you’re wearing reds,” she notes, smiling. This is supposed to be fun.” As for pick-up lines, forget about them.

* Look at yourself in a full length mirror, and take in the whole picture. “Posture is crucial to how an outfit looks,” Roe says. “Believe that you’re good enough that he would want to talk with you,” Roe coaches. Roe suggests starting conversations organically mid-stream, as though you already know the guy.

Expressing your feelings when you’re unsure about how someone feels about you isn’t easy.


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