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"She can't predict the future, so getting back with Meek could happen down the road again, because even with fights, she will always have a love for him."Speculation on whether these two separated continued to grow until Nicki took to social media to set the record straight that, yes, she's no longer with Meek."To confirm, yes I am single," she wrote to her 20.7 million followers."Focusing on my work & looking forward to sharing it with you guys really soon. Love u." rapper when Meek displayed an image of wedge sneakers with the caption, "If you walk out don't wear these they wack….." on an Instagram post that has since been deleted.She has been embroiled in an ongoing public spat with rival rapper Remy Ma.

The multi-platinum rap legend released the next level remix with Farruko, 21 Savage, Bad Bunny and Rvssian at (GMT) today.

The international collaboration sees Nicki work her Spanglish chops as she peppers her bars with Spanish phrases.

That's some serious commitment to fuchsia right there. #Queen Ting #Balenciaga Barbie #Chanel Boot Barbie I see both sides.

This season, Balenciaga has got a real superhero vibe going on with cartoon-ish hues and boot/trouser hybrids. (sic)While the video may just be aimed at her 'haters', many took it as the latest clap-back in her ongoing beef with Remy Ma.

)Break it down, bag it up Fuck it up, fuck it up, fuck it up, fuck it up (fuck it up)Fuck it up, fuck it up, rake it up, rake it up (fuck it up, rake it up)Well, I'm the dough boy, the one they talkin' about All these gossipin' ass niggas got my name in they mouth I know the bad bitches but know niggas who bitches too They should bleed once a month 'cause that's what these bitches do You a bitch and ya bitch should expose you All that pillow talkin', nigga, that's what the hoes do You a bitch, word to my nigga, Short We won't never write no statement, we ain't showin' up in court Bitch, we don't do no gossipin', we don't do no arguin'We don't beef on social sites, we just hit our target We don't do no rumors, we don't don't pay no shooters (rumors, brrr)You a little bitty bitch, you should work at Hooters (yo)You a old hater, you a fuckin' cougar You a bitch and he a bitch and y'all like twin sisters Respect ya hustle, get ya money, baby, win with us Ya boyfriend actin' like a bitch then why you still with him?