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Anytime I have a conversation with a girl from Isaan well it normally lasts about 5 minutes before I'm over it already.

I know many of you guys have married some Isaan girls and I don't mean this post with any disrespect at all.

The "Thai man is bad" girl is motivated by love and affection and as long as you take care of her heart she will love you forever.

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Well a decent person would but in the eyes of many an Isaan girl your just a meal ticket until you stop buying meals.

My mate in this case was taking care of her and her family for years and by the time he has a problem they are nowhere to be found, what kind of cruel and evil person does that to a guy.

But if you honestly do like the Isaan look and you think you've found a great girl I urge you dearly to do the "Am I going to screw you over test".

The Will My Isaan Girl Screw Me Over Test Start giving your Isaan girlfriend money to give to her parents. Do this for 4 months as well as take care of her as well.

Deep in the civil war torn island of the Philippines known as Mindanao, in the town of Cagayan de Oro.