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The name means ‘homestead in the meadows’, although 12th century scholars have also attributed it to a nearby spring called Medes Well.Medeshamstede soon grew in importance, becoming the mother house of other religious establishments as Christianity spread.

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But, for any Romans using Ermine Street – still largely in use today as the A1 and A14 – during the second to fourth centuries, Durobrivae would have been the town they looked forward to as a rest-stop when they reached this part of the country.

In the many millennia since people first settled on the spot, the location eventually to become known as Peterborough has had several different titles.

By the side of the Nene, at the point where dry land submitted to the marshy Fens, it was a fertile place blessed with natural abundant food and building resources.

The first person to chronicle the history of Peterborough, the Benedictine monk Hugh Candidus, wrote during the 12th century that it was “built in a fair spot, and a goodly, because on the one side it is rich in fenland, and in goodly waters, and on the other it has the abundance of ploughlands and woodlands with many fertile meads and pastures”.

Admittedly, his faith was perhaps less about true belief and more a desire to marry into the affluent Northumbrian Royal house but nevertheless, he founded a monastery in 655.


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