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The Sea Shepherds are headed back to frigid Antarctica for a tenth mission to stop Japanese whaling - but for the first time they'll make the voyage without their leader.

Under legal siege, Captain Paul Watson, founder of the direct-action environmental organization Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, is forced to hand the mission over to youthful veteran Peter Hammarstedt following a ruling from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

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But the behemoth factory ship is intent on escaping from the carbon-fiber Gojira in the deadly Antarctic ice.

Stars: Alex Cornelissen, Peter Hammarstedt, Jason Hildebrandt, Lockhart Maclean The Bob Barker desperately searches for their two small boat crews who were lost at sea in the aftermath of a daring mission.

The ruling has Watson's hands tied as it imposes strict limits on how he and his U. cohorts in Sea Shepherds can interact with Japanese whaling activities.

Animal Planet's Emmy(R)-nominated series, Whale Wars goes deep inside the Sea Shepherd organization to document this latest perilous campaign, "Operation Relentless".

Stars: Paul Watson, Alex Cornelissen, Zoe Beckett, Peter Hammarstedt Paul Watson is captain and founder of Sea Shepherd, a radical environmental group made up of self-proclaimed eco-pirates who fight for marine conservation. See full summary » Stars: Chris Aultman, Scott Bell, Peter Brown, Laurens de Groot Sea Shepherds finally spot a Japanese whaling ship, the harpoon vessel Yushin Maru #2.