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We consult with small and big organisations, with what we refer to as ‘impatient leaders’.

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I returned from Estonia, and eventually sold the business to Quintessentially, and I eventually went to work for them in a different capacity. They have been going for 10 years as an independent strategic consultancy.

From the start, it has worked such that everyone has time sovereignty.

The team have all either run their own businesses or been on a board.

It’s a team of grown-ups who have huge flexibility. We all travel a lot and work intensely, working at a senior level with people. We aren’t in an office, and we are not 9-5 and that gives everyone a lot of energy and motivation and allows us to focus on giving our clients what they need. The people at Caffeine are all at different life stages.

That has now come to fruition in her leading an agency that embraces much of the current thinking about remote and flexible working, an output focus rather than bums on seats, and quality of life rather than work obsession.


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