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He also openly praises both Phillips and Vision Forum, saying, “As I think about what’s going on here at Vision Forum and what Doug’s doing and has done, I’m a little envious because I admire Doug and the fact he can round up these young men that are going to make a difference in our nation.”The teaching stands in stark contrast to various Christian groups that hold sharply divergent views.

Entire denominations, such as the United Methodist Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Presbyterian Church U. A., and the Episcopal Church, ordain women and do not object to female political leadership, as do others.

The course is available for purchase on Amazon, where “Chief Justice Roy Moore” is listed as a co-author alongside Doug Phillips, Dr. All who attend the Witherspoon School of Law and Public Policy have an opportunity to share in the restoration of our Nation — One Nation Under God.”Moore’s lecture, which is included in the “Law and Government” curriculum, was recorded in 2008 at one such “school”, and hosted and facilitated by Phillips himself.

In the speech, Moore recounts his fight over the Ten Commandments monument and bemoans the arrival of marriage equality, which the California Supreme Court had approved two weeks prior.

Without her, the likes of Moore and anyone else on the Planet wouldn't be here if not for that much perfected human."a word with identical consonants in Hebrew, but different vowel points"Now here's one excellent argument for dismissing the notion of their Christian god: the guy can't even dictate what he means in an unequivocal way. Like Jesus talking in parables that people misunderstand. The teenagers should be at his beck and call while the elderly women (over 20) cook, clean and gaze admiringly at him -- and many Alabamans seem willing to comply! I do not believe Moore can meet even the low bar currently set -- but IF he makes it into the Senate he will be a dagger in Mc Connell's side day after day.