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If you know for certain the update failed and the device is rendered unusable, you will need to restore the device with i Tunes.

Simply connect the i Phone or i Pad to i Tunes and then choose “Restore” from the options available.

Rarely, an i Phone or i Pad may fail during the actual installation of i OS 11 or another software update.

This is quite unusual, but when it does occur it’s usually pretty obvious in that the i Phone or i Pad will be stuck on an  Apple logo screen for many hours without a progress bar, or the device screen will be stuck in some otherwise unusable state with a completely black or completely white screen.

Essentially this means that any apps which have not yet been updated to be 64 bit by their developer will either be nonfunctional, or sometimes disappeared from the device entirely if a user restored and the 32-bit incompatible apps were unable to re-download to the device.


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