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An alternative method would be to set 1-3 “high priority” accounts in a send/receive group which checks for new message every 10 minutes and all the other accounts in a separate send/receive group which checks for new messages every 30 minutes (or even longer)You can set the send/receive interval in; When you have a message stuck in the Outbox, Outlook could end up trying to send that message until it succeeds.

Note: You can also use scan PST to check and fix your OST files. In addition to PST, OST and profiles, Outlook has several other files which might get corrupted.

To fix an OST file for an Exchange account, you simply delete it and let Outlook rebuild it from the server: For a non-Exchange account OST, such as IMAP, use the Scan PST method in the first section of this article. If the above steps did not help, please try renaming outcmd.dat, and as described in Part 2 of this article.

Apart from Outlook, many email clients support IMAP (Internet Mail/Message Access Protocol) in addition to POP (Post Office Protocol) for email downloading messages from the server. Note: Make sure you select IMAP in the Account Type drop down menu under Server Information. This will land you on the POP and IMAP Account Settings window. IMAP Synchronization Issues in Outlook 2013 and Office 365 The problem might not be in the way you configured your IMAP account on Outlook 2013, but might be in some update or plug-in installed frequently.

However, IMAP, unlike POP3, leaves a copy of each message on the server until you delete it manually. Configure Outlook 2013 with IMAP Alike earlier versions of MS Outlook, the most recent version also supports email accounts based on IMAP, POP, and Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft frequently releases updates for its products, aiming for enhanced user experience.

When you have more than 3 accounts I wouldn’t recommend to set it shorter than 15 minutes.