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The distinction between “public” and “private” is irrelevant when it comes to issues of immorality and criminality.

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I then respond to these in turn, defending the Islamic view.

I understand that there are a handful of outspoken Muslims who try to argue that Islamic law does not prohibit same-sex acts, despite the consensus of scholarly opinion to the contrary.

Clearly many people today including Muslims do not understand why Islam or any religion would forbid homoeroticism.

As it is often put, if two people love each other and want to consummate their love, what difference does it make if they happen to be of the same sex? To understand what is wrong requires addressing several large assumptions about sexuality and morality.

Either way, in the case of drugs, even liberals agree that what someone does behind closed doors very much is the business of a higher authority, i.e., the authority of the state, which aims to promote public welfare overall. Studies have shown that the legalization of abortion in America and other countries correlated with drops in crime rates.