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It feeds on insects, worms, small mollusks and crustaceans. Mask is black with white border, bill is heavy and slightly hooked. The crown and nape are pale blue; distinct bill is orange-red, sweeping upward into a large, orange basal knob outlined in black. Upper mandible is gray, while lower mandible is yellow. It has an orange-brown head, white belly, orange bill with dark drooped tip and orange-yellow legs. The males are larger than females; the sexes have similar plumage. It has a swift direct flight with rapid wing beats. Long-billed Dowitcher: This large, stocky sandpiper has dark, mottled upperparts, dark cap and eye stripe, short white eyebrow, and red-brown underparts with lightly barred flanks. The Golden group has an olive-brown crown and is found in the Florida Keys and West Indies. The head is yellow with thin black eye line and olive-green nape. When its range overlaps with the Golden-winged Warrbler, it often interbreeds with or displaces it.

Wings are black with large white patches visible in flight. Least Sandpiper: This small sandpiper has brown-scaled upperparts and a rust-brown crown. It has a swift direct flight with rapid wing beats. Gadwall: This large dabbling duck has a finely barred gray body, black rump and under tail coverts, a white belly, and rust-brown shoulders. The wings have a black-bordered white speculum visible in flight. The female lacks ruff and is smaller than the male. Iceland Gull: Large, white gull, pale, pearl-gray back and upper wings. Hudsonian Godwit: Large sandpiper with white-scaled, brown-black upperparts, black-barred chestnut-brown underparts. The bill is long, dark and dagger-like, and the legs and feet are yellow-green. Parasitic Jaeger: The dark morph of this medium-sized jaeger has a brown body, darker cap and pale underwing patches near tips. Green-winged Teal: This small dabbling duck has pale, gray-barred sides and a buff breast with a white bar down the side. The Mangrove group has a rufous hood and is found in Central America and northern South America. Weak fluttering flight with shallow rapid wing beats. Pine Warbler: Medium warbler with plain olive-gray upperparts, yellow throat and breast, blurry-streaked sides, and white belly and undertail coverts. It is the only warbler that eats large quantities of seeds, usually pine. Blackpoll Warbler: Medium-sized warbler with black-streaked, gray upperparts, white underparts, and black-streaked white sides. Palm Warbler: Medium warbler with olive-brown upperparts and yellow underparts streaked with brown. Western form is grayer overall and has white belly. Red-breasted Nuthatch: Medium nuthatch with blue-gray upperparts and pale rust-brown underparts. Weak fluttering flight, alternates rapid wing beats with wings drawn to sides.

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