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That’s not a fault with L’Heure Bleue, it’s just disappointing that my chemistry makes it fade away to almost nothing within an hour.

Although I guess that’s apt for 'the bluish hour’, the perfume aimed at capturing the fleeting beauty of the moment after sunset, truly is a fleeting beauty on my skin.

It is mentholated powdery leather with a little spice and vanilla.

The EDP has moderate sillage and good lasting power.

Some smell oldy and dated, some smell intriguing and some pungent, but there is a magic casted in L’Heure Bleue to make this perfume eternal and everlastingly young. I cannot honestly find the right words to describe how beautiful this scent is to me. It makes me dream of flowers so beautiful and painted blue by a Divine hand, that with one gentle touch they would turn to dust and scatter to the wind, tainted by human interaction. For me it's the drydown that I love and I couldn't wear it every day unless I was paid to do so.


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