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If searching by street, enter the street, omitting the number for a list of all properties on that street.

Similarly, if searching by lot numbers, enter only the map number for a list of all lot owners on that map. Copy and paste lists into a blank Word doc, edit and use Word’s mailing label options. Searching by street and town, omitting any street number, Reverse Address will generate a list of names and addresses on that street.

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(Note: If you’re using a site provided by Woodardcurran, make sure that only one address is listed before clicking to generate an abutters list.

If multiple addresses are listed at the bottom of the page, click and highlight your address, and choose “Clear unselected owners” from the drop-down “selection action” list found towards the bottom right of the page.) GIS tax map sites provided by Caigisonline will generate either reports or mailing labels as pop-ups which may be saved as a PDF or printed.

(Note that towns that bill bi-annually may list a tax rate on the bill that is for half the year and this rate should be multiplied by 2 for the full year’s rate.) For the property valuation see Municipal Quick Links.

Property cards found in the assessors’ databases and on GIS tax maps, valuation lists and tax bills all list the assessed value.

Sites provided by Woodardcurran have excel and envelope icons located to the left, just under the map allowing the lists to be saved to either an excel spreadsheet or a file compatible with MS Word Mail Merge.