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After all, the best relationships are built on mutual interests, respect and trust.

Camaraderie is a powerful tool in life and love – especially for cancer patients.

FYI, I’m also trying to “pass” with regard to age — I’m actually 53.

Anyway, I can usually get away without telling a guy about the breast cancer for 2 or 3 dates (by then, I’ll know if I want to see them again and whether I to bother telling them). That’s when things get dicey, mainly because a lot of guys will try to grab the back of your head when they move in, which means they’ll feel the wig cap and know something’s up. I don’t know, but I did tell him about the breast cancer on our next date and we’re still in touch).

I sometimes feel like a drag queen getting ready to go out in the world, especially when I’m getting ready for a date.