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People asked me how it felt to break a world record, and I said, “Well, on the first night I was on cloud nine. On the way back I stopped and worked with [another 23-year-old in recovery]. I was coaching football, and if our athletes missed practice they had to run a mile after practice the next day. I would run the mile with them, and it got to be sort of competitive. I didn’t realize you only started endurance running in your forties. One of the coaches at our school, he was one of the premier marathoners, and we thought he was crazy. How do you keep pushing yourself toward those achievements? I’ll tell you—a guy was talking to me the other day about stress.

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Negative weightlifting brings the strength back into the muscles.

Where they develop one set of muscles, that supports another set.

So this is the technique that I used on all the individuals that I work with.

I do the lifting and they try to control the weight.

I would think breaking a world record [for the indoor mile, at age 61] was probably the most exciting thing. I did flexibility and drank a ton of coffee, went to the gym and lifted weights, did 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer.


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