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The increase in the number of fossilised human remains recovered during controlled excavations from the 1960s onwards [39–43], and demonstration of a Pleistocene occupation of the Australian continent [44, 45] encouraged renewed interest in the Pithecanthropoid-Australoid lineage hypothesis [39–43].

Again, it must be stressed that not all researchers accepted this hypothesis, Macintosh in particular reversing his earlier endorsement [46].

However, only with the wider exploration of the continent by Europeans and the beginnings of a global trade in human cranial remains during the 19th Century was a systematic effort made to understand their skeletal morphology [22].

During this period, the deep antiquity of the earth was beginning to be established, including an ancient origin for humankind as presented in Lyell’s Antiquity of Man [23].

Australian palaeoanthropological theory and method continues to be dominated by adaptationist accounts [20] of robusticity and population history.