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They, not Jefferson Airplane, were the future, by which I mean, of course, the past."Everyone knows who the guys are."Would legalizing marijuana curb the epidemic?

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While it's designed to look like marijuana, it affects the brain differently than the natural drug, and, according to the National Institute of Drug Abuse, users can experience "anxiety and agitation, nausea and vomiting, high blood pressure, shaking and seizures, hallucinations and paranoia, and they may act violently." A constantly changing range of chemicals is used, and the combination and potency can change by brand or even by batch.

He was somewhat successful – one of the compounds he developed was shown to help non-melanoma skin cancer and brain tumors in lab mice – so he published his findings in the mid-2000s, which included instructions for manufacture that he later said could be followed by a "halfway decent undergraduate chemistry major in three steps using commercially available materials." Not surprisingly, many did – though Huffman doesn't understand why so many people would try something so dangerous, comparing smoking the drug to playing "Russian roulette."Why is it so popular?

While an ounce of real marijuana can go for upwards of 0 on the street, this synthetic drug costs about online or about a bag in some corner stores or head shops – making it a hit among kids and the homeless.

Over 30 people were hospitalized yesterday in New York City, the latest event in an epidemic that's been affecting the country's poorer populations since 2008.

Encoded, flattened, trimmed, compressed, and abused, music in the digital age is turning its back on us.