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“The services we provide will keep running until July and then after that it’s the government – through Greek NGOs, municipalities, whatever they decide.” Pinto encouraged the national and local government to work with NGOs to ensure a safe transition.

“The municipality has to be informed and they have to start working. If they ask NRC to stay, we are ready to do that.” A spokesperson for Save the Children confirmed that the organisation was also in the dark.

They couldn’t find the people they needed and they needed more time.” MDM were subsequently asked to remain on the island for another month.

“We want to help, but it’s not easy, because we have announced to staff that their contract has finished.

Thousands of refugees in Greece are at risk of losing vital support as charities prepare to withdraw services from camps on the country’s “hotspot” islands, as changes to EU funding are set to leave them out of contract by the end of July.