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There is the Russian collusion cycle that seems to be losing steam as it is replaced by the OMG-look-at-what-the-FBI-is-doing cycle.

Every bit of frat-boy-like behavior (Al Franken, one of my least favorite persons) is lumped in with deserve-to-go-to-jail behavior (Matt Lauer, Harvey Wienstein) as it sweeps the nation under the ratings-sensationalist flag.

For unknown reasons, I’m a long, long way from being in the Christmas spirit. Some is because Christmas is on Monday, which means you show up for work on Tuesday with a food hangover and don’t get to wind down slowly. My day was going to be dominated by prepping the house for those kinds of temps, which wouldn’t be easy.

Some of it may be because my family is spread coast to coast.

To me, it’s a really enjoyable way of modernizing religion and still getting the message across. https://youtu.be/5l1CS0Jhk90 Then, for a change of pace in a non-Christmas-holy-crap way, go here. I know that’s a platitude, but I seriously mean it! However, I have it all under control courtesy of a leaking propeller that has to come off, which means my little red playmate can’t leave the ground for a week.