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Communicating in-game with other Users and Game representatives, whether by text, voice or any other method, is an integral part of the Game and this Service is referred to here as "Chat." When engaging in Chat, you may not: (i) Transmit or post any content or language which, in the sole and absolute discretion of Game is deemed to be offensive, including without limitation content or language that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, sexually explicit, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable, nor may you use a misspelling or an alternative spelling to circumvent the content and language restrictions listed above; (ii) Carry out any action with a disruptive effect, such as intentionally causing the Chat screen to scroll faster than other users are able to read, or setting up macros with large amounts of text that, when used, can have a disruptive effect on the normal flow of Chat; (iii) Disrupt the normal flow of dialogue in Chat or otherwise act in a manner that negatively affects other users including without limitation posting commercial solicitations and/or advertisements for goods and services available outside of the Game universe; (iv) Sending repeated unsolicited or unwelcome messages to a single user or repeatedly posting similar messages in a Chat area, including without limitation continuous advertisements to sell goods or services; (v) Communicate or post any user's personal information in the Game, or on websites or forums related to the Game, except that a user may communicate his or her own personal information in a private message directed to a single user; (vi) Harass, threaten, stalk, embarrass or cause distress, unwanted attention or discomfort to any user of the Game; (vii) Participate in any action that, in the sole and absolute opinion of the Game results or may result in an authorized user of the Game being "scammed" or defrauded out of any items that user has earned through authorized game play in the Game; or (viii) Impersonate any real person, including without limitation any Game agent or employee, nor may you communicate in the Game in any way designed to make others believe that your message constitutes a server message or was otherwise posted by any Game agent or employee.3) "Botany Bay": If, at the sole discretion of those that monitor the GAME, your GAME play is so disruptive and/or offensive that you (the character that is disruptive and/or offensive and not your account) may be banned to "Botany Bay".Reading it on my laptop in the aptly named Cafe Affaire in central London, I consider what she really wants: a no-strings-attached sexual relationship.

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The following rules are not meant to be exhaustive, and we reserve the right to determine which conduct is considered to be outside the spirit of the Game and to take such disciplinary measures as we sees fit up to and including termination and deletion of the Account.

We reserve the right to modify this Code of Conduct at any time.

(i) If one chooses to go to "Botany Bay" they may, of course, leave on their own.

(II) If one is banned to "Botany Bay" there is no way for them to leave on their own.

To leave "Botany Bay" after being banned to “Botany Bay”, they must petition (via email) [email protected] the right to return.