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Both avoid the routine verse-chorus structure he had fallen into and have intriguing lyrics.Sky West and Crooked is the title of a 1965 Hayley Mills film (Gypsy Girl in the US), but it has no obvious connection to this somewhat comical song performed solely by Robin on guitar and vocal.It is also obvious that the value of their shares of RSO would be higher with a united Bee Gees in the roster.

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Most improbably for someone who had avoided singing lead vocals in the Bee Gees, Maurice also tried out being a stage actor in the musical Sing a Rude Song, and produced the show’s cast album.

That and his single ‘Railroad’ were the only records that appeared.

In June, Robin and Maurice started working together. The big reconciliation between Robin and Barry was oddly enough the result of business meetings related to taking The Robert Stigwood Organisation from a privately held company to a public one.

They have joked that it was easier to reunite than figure out how to divide their stake.

‘Journey to the Misty Mountains’ and ‘Insight’ are instrumentals.