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For example, in Pine Mail, you notice that the "To" line, "From," and the "Subject" line are included.

You may also notice the "cc" and "Attachments section of the e-mail format. Make sure that you weigh your words carefully in sending an e-mail.

You do that operation, because the person receiving your e-mail may not be able to make out a code, such as "hfbac7007," that has little meaning. Do not put anything on e-mail that you don't want found on the front page of the newspaper for all to see.

Your "Subject" line should be written as a talking caption to capture the attention of your reader who is scanning hundreds of e-mail messages and deciding which ones to view first. People tend to think they can place anything on e-mail.

The company has every right to read your e-mail, and courts are continuing to uphold the organization's right to look at all your e-mail.


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