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Most likely the same four or five most people are looking at. And then also, After watching the day traders (mostly the whale type who spread their coin buys and sells for profit -cant blame them - but watch out!!!

I've learned that the scams lie in wait on the trade platforms.

Thirdly, their financial institution (AS LHV Pank, Estonia) is a bloody disgrace.

I made a SEPA transfer to my Coinbase account which never arrived, my bank sent several requests to return the funds but no response and their own customer service team says you should contact Coinbase support as they do not discuss payment details related to Coinbase accounts.

Why is coinbase holding the digital currency for so long. Tried depositing $2600 from litecoin to my USD wallet. I bought 1000 USD worth of Litecoins on 19th Dec at the rate of 340 USD per litecoin.