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Every time they arrest him and put him in jail and then they want more money. I’m going to have to continue sending money until he’s free.” The pair talk for up to four hours on the phone a day and Sarah said he has a “way with words”.

“He'll say 'how is my queen doing today’ or he’ll say ‘how is my flower today – I hope she’s been watered’,” she added.

“I first started looking at this when a friend of mine, a retired teacher who was widowed, sent $18,000 over six months to a scammer in Nigeria,” Leal said. ’ and she said, ‘Because I knew you would have yelled and screamed at me.’ ” Leal said she hopes yelling, screaming and public appearances can help warn lonely people of the potential dangers of internet dating

especially when the object of one’s affection demonstrates poor grammar and spelling skills and soon begins asking for money.

Here’s the real deal: Don’t send money to someone you met online — for any reason.


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