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Choose from over 150 wedding band samples in stock from claddagh to Celtic knots from Irelands finest jewelers.

Directions and Hours: O'Reilly's is located just off from the I84. At the junction of Route 10 take a left (Main St) for one and a quarter miles.

The two newly-discovered species, dubbed Durlstotherium and Durlstodon, are claimed to be the earliest known eutherians, dating back about 145 million years to the height of the reign of the dinosaurs.

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Located in historic Farmington in a farmhouse dating back to 1860, O'Reilly's boasts the largest selection of Irish and Celtic products this side of the Atlantic.

Started in 1997, O'Reilly's now offers a magnificent collection of the finest products that Ireland has to offer.

It's not completely clear how or when Harry and Meghan first met but it's thought the couple may have been introduced by Soho House director Markus Anderson at the Invictus Games.

We take a look at the Royal romance that has gripped the nation - the Prince and the American actress...

"The teeth are of a type so highly evolved that I realized straight away I was looking at remains of Early Cretaceous mammals that more closely resembled those that lived during the latest Cretaceous – some 60 million years later in geological history," says Steve Sweetman, co-author of a study describing the find.