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The high school opened in 1928, and in 1946, the People's Caucus party, an organization which calls out interested residents for candidacy, was created.

Briarcliff Manor celebrated its semicentennial celebration from October 10–12, 1952, publishing a book about the village and its history; that year, the Crossroads neighborhood of 84 houses was completed.

The name Briarcliff has also been applied to other municipalities, including the 470-person town of Briarcliffe Acres in South Carolina; in naming it, the town's founder had drawn inspiration from Briarcliff Manor's name.

Law developed the village, establishing schools, churches, parks, and the Briarcliff Lodge.

Briarcliff Manor was incorporated as a village in 1902, and celebrated its centennial on November 21, 2002.

In 1964 the new Village Hall opened, replacing the Municipal Building.

The present high school opened in 1971 to ease the large enrollment at the grade-school building.

Although the Pocantico is the primary boundary between Mount Pleasant and Ossining, since its incorporation the village has spread into Mount Pleasant.