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Then try to remove exchange using setup /mode:uninstall /IAccept Exchange Server Lice We Will try last thing else you can proceed as you think.

I think you have installed ADAM role on server B which is required for edge server RR and should not present if mailbox server role is installed So just uninstall ADAM from server B than check if exchange server is working or no.

To remove an AD LDS instance To open Programs and Features, click Start, click Settings, click Control Panel, and then double-click Programs and Features.

Locate and click the AD LDS instance that you want to remove. OR If you want to remove ADAM on server B using Power Shell than execute following command Un Install-Windows Feature ADLDS Note : ADAM = Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM) instance AD LDS = Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Both are same.

Un Install-Windows Feature ADLDS Success Restart Needed Exit Code Feature Result ------- -------------- --------- -------------- False Maybe Failed Un Install-Windows Feature : A prerequisite check for the ADLDS feature failed. At least one AD LDS instance is installed on this server.