Name describe two principles used relative dating rocks

Name describe two principles used relative dating rocks

Surveys the concepts of forensic chemistry, fingerprint classification/identification and latent techniques, drug identification, hair and fiber evidence, death investigation techniques, thin-layer chromatographic methods, and arson materials examination. Surveys the historical and current usage of narcotics and dangerous drugs.

Teaches the identification and classification of such drugs and emphasizes the symptoms and effects on their users.

Incorporates use of sound and video clips Introduces agriculture's importance to society and ways to start a farm or agribusiness. Provides laboratory application of refrigerators and freezers. Includes analysis of air conditioning circuits, components, analysis and characteristics of circuits and controls, testing and servicing, introduces electricity for air conditioning which includes circuit elements, direct current circuits and motors, single and three-phase circuits and motors, power distribution systems and protective devices. Studies forced air heating systems including troubleshooting, preventive maintenance and servicing. Introduces cultural knowledge and increases understanding of the Deaf Community. Introduces concepts such as proportion, space, perspective, tone and composition as applied to still life, landscape and the figure. Includes woodcut, silkscreen, etching and lithography. Focuses on promoting language and literacy skills as the foundation for emergent reading.

Evaluates forms of business including cooperatives and create financial statements and reports necessary for routine accounting and tax preparation. Introduces students to plant science, ecology, plant morphology, plant and soil relations and energy conversions. Studies the electron and its behavior in passive and active circuits and components. Uses drawing media such as pencil, charcoal, ink wash and color media. Presents problems in the design and production of functional and non-functional ceramic works. Emphasizes phonetic awareness and alphabetic principles, print awareness and concepts, comprehension and early reading and writing.

Utilizes financial tools for decision making, budgets and time value of money. Includes surveying agricultural crops and their importance in the economy. Demonstrates electronic components and circuits as applied to air conditioning system. Includes field trips and gallery assignments as appropriate. Includes hand building the potter’s wheel and clays and glazes. Addresses strategies for intervention and support for exceptional children and English Language Learners. Introduces early childhood development through activities and experiences in early childhood, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten and primary programs.


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    Trying to prove the Church holy might result in our trying to prove to ourselves that we are perfect when the source of the Church’s holiness is supernatural. This is because Christ, the Son of God, who with the Father and the Spirit is hailed as ‘alone holy’” (CCC 823).