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Beg alar Forms of the Third Declension ..-.....-..m Diphthongs: ae = «? /e au = cm in house oe = 02/ in boy eu = e and ii combined Vowels marked thus: a, e, 1, 6, 11, y are long; marked thus: a, e, 1, o, u, y are short. c before e, i y y, ae, oe, eu, like ts in nets; in every other posi- tion like U. By the English Method the letters are pro- nounced as in English; but there are no silent letters.

No silent letters, the language being truly 'phonetic. The Continental Method is almost identical with the Roman, except in the pronunciation of the fol- lowing diphthongs and consonants: ae == e; oe = o in world.

bo' nis bo 1 nis bo' nis niger, nigra, nigrum, black Singular.

ni' gro ni' gra, ni' gro liber, libera, liberum, free Singular.

pu' e ro, with a boy Plural, flu' vi T, rivers flu vi o' rum, of rivers flu' vi Is, to rivers flu' vi os, rivers flu' vi I, rivers flu' vi is, with rivers a' gri, fields a gro' rum, of fields a' gris, to fields a' gros, fields , a' gri, fields a' gris, with fields pu' e ri, boys pu e ro' rum, of boys pu' e ris, to boys pu' e ros, boys pu' e ri, boys pu' £ lis, with boys Neuter.


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