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A woman would gladly give anything to a man who is "in control".

to be with a man who knows his way around women: a man who knows how to treat a lady, who knows exactly what to say and do... Unfortunately, the "stuff" they normally do to ‘convince’ a younger woman to like him back actually end up pushing her further away...

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1 Approaching and Transitioning”, “The Complete Day Game From A to Z Mastery Program”, “Interview Series Bundle Pack 1 and 2” and a lot more.

He has many workshops, bootcamps and training courses, helping many lonely men to seduce the women of their dreams, just by being themselves.

Jonathan Lee’s advises had proved productive many times!

Some of his books and other products include: “Destination: Girlfriend Coaching Program”, You”, “Secrets of 5 Minutes Chemistry”, “Beyond Seduction: 3 Days to Mastering “Breakthrough Comfort Formula”, “How To Get Girls To Chase Confidence and Techniques With Women”, “Flake Elimination Toolkit”, “The Seduction Roadmap”, “Conversation Master Class”, “The Social Training Camp”, “Advanced Strategies For Sexualized Comfort”, “Sinn’s Inner Circle”, “Interview Series Vol.

These pickup artist bootcamps are focused on day game and take place in field with real interactions and immediate feedback.


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