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Linn Linn worked in a Rangoon brothel until a 2002 police crackdown on prostitution.Since then she has been employed by a string of karaoke bars, conceding that sex as well as songs are on the menu. Everything is so expensive now and the cost of living just rises and rises.

While other business sectors flounder in Burma’s moribund economy, most karaoke joints—known as KTV—are humming, their cash registers are playing sweet music.

On a typical night in downtown Rangoon, the Royal is crowded with men looking for more than a song and with young women whose talents anyway couldn’t be described as vocal...

The high-minded plan went awry, however—the casinos employ mostly Chinese staff, and the drugs problem is only getting worse..."Rangoon girls swap the sweatshop for a hands-on job...

"Owners of karaoke bars in Burma these days really have something to sing about.

Now she sits in a hot, dimly lit room in a brothel, watching TV with her co-workers, and waiting for a man to pay 500 baht (US $12.50) for one hour of sex with her.