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They acknowledge that it is difficult to interpret mirror neuron activity in humans (using brain imaging) and so they focus on the 25 papers that have involved the direct recording of individual brain cells in monkeys.

This research reveals that motor cells with mirror-like properties are found in parts of the front of the brain involved in motor control (so-called premotor regions and in the primary motor cortex) and also in the parietal lobe near the crown of the head.

While Ramachandran and others have been quick to find the roots of humanity in these cells, the reality is that we’re only at the early stages of establishing whether mirror neurons exist in humans.

Single-cell recording of the kind used in monkeys is too invasive to be performed in people, other than in exceptional circumstances (such as during required brain surgery).

Reading their paper it soon becomes clear that the term "mirror neurons" conceals a complex mix of cell types.


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