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Fortunately, unlike other operating systems, Linux distros like Mint make it easy to give them a test run before installing it.To do this, first you'll need to download a copy of Linux Mint, which comes with many different desktops, such as KDE, MATE, and Xfce. If you have a 2012-or-newer PC, I recommend you download the 64-bit version of Mint with Cinnamon and multi-media support. If you don't have an ISO burner program, download one.

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Using a DVD drive Mint will run slowly, but it will run quickly enough to give you an idea of what it's like to use Mint. First, make a complete backup of your Windows system.

With a USB stick, it runs fast enough to give you a good notion of what working with Mint is like. Installing Linux in the way I'm going to describe shouldn't hurt your Windows setup in the least, but why take any chances?

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I think Linux Mint isn't just a great desktop, it's a great replacement for Windows.

Canonical, Ubuntu's parent company, will fix this Secure Boot security problem with the next version of Ubuntu (version 16.04) in April. If for some reason you can't install Mint with Secure Boot running on your PC, you can always turn off Secure Boot. All of them involve going to the UEFI control panel during the boot process and switching it off. The last thing you want is to run out of battery power during an operating system install!