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Earlier return to work may be considered for drivers with a normal EEG who have no epileptic-form activity and normal examination by a neurologist specializing in epilepsy.

Does vertigo disqualify me from getting a medical card? Drivers who are seizure-free and off anticonvulsant medication(s) for at least 5 years after a single unprovoked seizure can be certified.

Symptoms such as wheezing are worsened by stomach acid irritating the airways.

According to the American College of Gastroenterology, GERD accounts for 22 to 66 percent of visits to the emergency room for noncardiac chest pain.

If a driver is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder will they fail the DOT physical? Can I still pass the DOT physical if I take beta-blockers? When the medical examiner does his examination, one of the things he is looking for is things that would be unsafe for you as a driver and how it effects your ability to maintain control of a commercial motor vehicle. If he feels the condition is unsafe then he will not pass you.