Microsoft feeds msnbc news not updating

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With You Tube today bringing even more attention to the streaming TV market, the question now is whether this will be the tipping point where the number of competitors outpaces the growth of the over-the-top market itself. The company is taking sign-ups on its homepage now.

It was globally known for its Web portal, search engine Yahoo! The term "oracle" was intended to mean "source of truth and wisdom", and the term "officious", rather than being related to the word's normal meaning, described the many office workers who would use the Yahoo database while surfing from work.

Also offered are regional sports networks from Fox and Comcast, SEC Network, Big Ten and ESPNU. In addition, You Tube TV includes You Tube Red’s 28 original series.

This could make it more appealing to a younger demographic looking for more content than offered by the ad-free subscription offering You Tube Red — a service that was recently impacted by the loss of one of its biggest stars, Pew Die Pie.

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