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I’m getting an increasing amount of you telling me that despite having a positive attitude and working on your goals, constantly watching our once great Western Civilization crumble around you is affecting your happiness, mood, and anger.

A lot of you Americans tell me that constantly seeing these new, record-breaking mass shootings everywhere is getting you down, plus the fact that openly trans people are now winning elections, as well as the recent wins of many democratic socialists in the last election (uh, yeah, I clearly warned you about that last year… At least three of you Australians have told me you’re upset about the latest census that shows that Australia is now more Asian than Australian, and a lot of you Europeans keep complaining about mass immigration and government corruption. And despite the fact that you know you should focus on internal solutions instead of external ones, and you realize you can’t really do anything about the suicidal masses, you still can’t help but feel sad, or angry, or helpless, or about it.

My culture is dying too (I’m an American citizen after all, at least for the moment, heh heh), but I live such a fantastic and amazing life in every way, that to this very day, I still sometimes wake up in the morning not quite believing it’s true.

This is the case regardless of my stupid, hyper-irrational, dying, suicidal society and culture.

While many of you are just waking up to this reality now or very recently, I determined this way back around 2002 or so.