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In the early fall, I'll submit applications to a number of top 15 schools in the U. and maybe also people are obviously overrepresented, but I've been told that given my geographic background (an international student fresh off the boat from Western Europe), I'll have a decent shot at the top schools in the U. I already have a master's degree in accounting/finance, feel well equipped for my current job technically, and might even consider going back to my current fund in Northern Europe.

For me, business school would be all about becoming absolutely fluent in English, expanding my network internationally, and having two great years (partying, weekend trips to Las Vegas, clubbing in NYC... Currently, I'm working on my essays to NYU Stern and Columbia as I would be thrilled to spend two years in . But which other schools should I consider given that I'm more concerned about the social side of the experience than academics and recruiting?

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First things first: is there even anyone to date at the GSB? Accounting for relationship status upon entry, the numbers remain skewed, with three-quarters of women identifying as single or “sort of” in a relationship upon entry seeking a partner vs. (GSB man can get younger and hotter, women not so much).” Of 103 respondents, 54% agreed that women get a better deal. Alright, so maybe the women of the GSB are at a disadvantage when it comes to finding a partner.

But if our friend is right that those men drawn to an unequal partner are rational, those unintimidated by an intellectual equal should jump at the opportunity to turn a classmate into a romantic mate, right?

Assuming half the MBA2 class was in a relationship upon arrival, that’s ~112 single men and ~88 single women.

18 new MBA2 couples; 18% of singles off the market and in relationships with classmates.

And for those hopefuls approaching graduation without having found a partner?