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As it was said above, Russian women get mature at young age and quite ready to create a family being 20-25.The circle of communication of a Russian girl is limited to the people of her age, and young 20-25 year old men are not ready for serious relations and family life (those guys who were ready are married already).Yes, it is believed that is a man pays for correspondence he is serious about every letter he writes, and if he contacts a woman he is really serious about developing long-term relations with her but not just having fun in the internet.

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Looking at this problem from the point of view of the "demand and supply": who are the foreign men who search for a wife from Russia?

Men of 40-50 and more years of age who divorced their western wife and do not want to date western women, or were busy with the career and because of the lack of time did not create a family, and think now its time to have that special woman at one's side.

Each woman is seeking stability with a nice, honest, faithful man to love, to marry, to establish serious relations and create a family. For the sake of a good man a woman will go to the end of the earth.

The statement that Russian women are searching for an older man to marry is not actually right.

Those girls who found a worthy guy in Russia are lucky, as there are not so many nice guys in Russia nowadays.