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As it started to quiet down mom then entered the room and gave a right old ear full about how stupid I'd been and how close I'd come to being killed. , you know this has screwed up your schooling for the next 6 weeks as you can't write or even go to school." "Soz mom!

" Well of course being just 17 years old I completely ignored what he said, what the hell does dad know.

Let's face it at that age you just do things and to hell with the consequences and that was the case when on a Tuesday summer evening after school on some open ground my friend Paul and his brother were riding around on their bike or as us locals called them 'chicken-chasers'.

To say it was barely legal was doing it a favor, no tax, no insurance, sounding like a Sherman tank because of no muffle on the exhaust and blowing bluish like the Flying Scotsman as Ryan sped all over the waste ground with his brother on the back doing his best impression of a Hell's Angel. " Ryan said as his brother got off the back after being scared witless from his journey. " egging Ryan on with bravado, making out I wasn't scared as I took Paul's helmet off him and placed onto my head for protection.

Sitting down on the back, Ryan revved the engine over and over again causing me to giggle as I put my arms around him to hang on waiting for the burst of g that was surely going to hit me as he sped off. " Ryan shouted as we went off like our arses were on fire all across the waste ground, my vision blurring from the trees, rubble and greenery flying past at breakneck speed.

Standing there with my boxers around my ankles and arse cheeks in full view it took ages to relax knowing that the nurse was somewhere behind me watching.