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▲ top Shanghai has two airports – Pudong International Airport in the east is the stepping off point for most international arrivals, while Hongqiao Airport in the west serves domestic departures and arrivals, plus some flights to Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan.

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Upstairs, you can get a decent cup of coffee at Costa.

Through customs on the airside, there is a Starbucks and Subway among a pack of Chinese and Muslim cafes.

The renminbi (“people’s money”) is a little stronger than the Hong Kong dollar (US$1 = Rmb6.89).

Hongqiao Airport is closer to the city centre and its new Terminal 2 is conveniently integrated into the vast Hongqiao Transport Hub.

Travellers can look forward to Starbucks and Yogo Juice among the improved snacking options, plus there’s a Muslim restaurant beside Check-in on the third floor.


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