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This concept of the dead taking revenge on the living—and the past on the present—is expressed in ), the setting of the wedding ceremony has a long tradition in Polish literaturę and film, dating back to the work of Stanislaw Wyspianski.

The crowded mingling of vodka, folklore and chiromancy still permits space for reflection on the social and moral condition of a country whose inhabitants seek self-determination yet dance blindly and sleepily, like puppets; as the father of the bride confesses “our beautiful country is lying on corpses.” Through his poltergeist fable, Wrona gets at a nation’s sense of displacement and dementia.

czytaj dalej Piotr (Itay Tiran), nazywany przez przyjaciół Pytonem, przyjeżdża z Anglii do Polski na ślub z piękną Żanetą (Agnieszka Żulewska).

W starym domu otrzymanym w prezencie od przyszłego teścia (Andrzej Grabowski) zamierza urządzić rodzinne gniazdko dla siebie i narzeczonej.

The final film by late director/co-writer Marcin Wrona is genuinely creepy and unexpected, with a streak of dark humor as the wedding celebration turns into a shambles.


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