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As coordination problems cropped up between governmental and non-governmental actors, between military and civilian actors, and even within sprawling international organizations such as the UN itself, the United Nations finally addressed the issue of organizational harmonization by creating a Peacekeeping Commission, which is designed to bring a greater sense of coherence to state-building agencies located within and outside of the UN (United Nations Peacebuilding Commission, 2005).Unfortunately, this problem of coordination is much easier addressed than solved.The multidimensional and mutually reinforcing impacts of civil conflict do not only provide great challenges for peacebuilders.

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While some such failure is blamed upon the role of spoilers (see, Newman and Richmond, 2006) or the overall fragility of the post-conflict environment and the surrounding nations (see, Stedman, 2001), responsibility is also placed upon inadequacies in the support offered by the international community (Paris, 2004; de Conning, 2008).

This article will primarily focus on the latter topic, the role of international community, in the post-conflict stage.

The fourth article concludes this series by analyzing how a post-conflict directory would have improved coordination in the aftermath of the Ugandan civil war and the reconstruction projects that followed in its aftermath ("Substantiating the Claim: Establishing the Effectiveness of a Post-Conflict Directory").

Far too often, a peace agreement is viewed as the final chapter in the saga of a civil conflict.

Far too often, a peace agreement is viewed as the final chapter in the saga of a civil war.