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It is a time of rune-reading, navel-scrutinizing and Winstonology.

In contrast, Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters is older than any other member of the two cabinets.

Changes to parliamentary procedure that Simon Bridges helped craft and then explicitly championed while in Government now appear to be bad for National in opposition. Over the next three years we will find out and whether our lives can be better.

(The papers are actually held in the National Library.) Later he apologised, Each December, six months after the budget, the Treasury reports on the state of the economy and the government accounts.

Since the August Pre-election Economic and Fiscal Update nothing much has happened in the macro-economy, so the HYEFU reports little new. Don't whinge and claim to be misunderstood, just take responsibility.

That certainly did not happen in 1911, 1928, 1978 or 1981 when the party with most votes ended up in opposition. Most scientists work within the existing paradigm – the framework of the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodology commonly accepted by the discipline.