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Although he has just angered them more by disappearing, leaving us to all pick up the pieces. At the time it was new news.“I asked him if he was threatening me? I would have killed him on the spot with my bare hands. But, I’ve done, and am doing, everything I can to sort it.’ Why did they think I was there, if not to try and ensure my son’s safety. I looked at Vito questioningly.“No, love, that’s right.

Let alone with the threat of danger.”“True though, if you’re viewed as a threat, imagine how some people may now see Paul. You want to use me for what I may know, to help get your own justice and revenge.’ From our previous phone calls, I think the tree shredder is going to get used one way or the other.“So you were really going to do it then? Also how much it might cost to counter offer the deal.

Best if I no longer existed really.’ He told me that, ‘you and he obviously just felt the need to make sure I understood’ and he reminded me that ‘I was a mother and you weren’t to be trusted as you go off the Everyone in the kitchen knew this was true, except, maybe, Gerry. “Firstly, no one would ever touch your son, Katherine.

They all do.’”“Well, He told me, ‘that you said I was already an issue that needed to be solved, and would definitely be a bigger problem if I kept asking questions and that I needed to remove all evidence of being in a relationship with Paul and the photos.

The side streets of East Morang are narrow and windy. The casual acceptance of what I just said was mind fucking. The incessant chatter in my head questions whether I’ll be leaving this house tonight. Filomina offering me a coffee, which I accept, joking that under the circumstances, maybe something stiffer would be more appropriate. It was a lot to take on board in a short time.” of September.” Even as I said it, I felt my heart hankering for the simplicity of the nightmare as it was, back then. That you were concerned as to whether I was now a threat to your She looked at me and gave everyone, (there were now two more teenagers in the kitchen), a surprised innocent, confused look. Oh my God, she just publicly denied that she had made that first anonymous call to me. ” Over the last few months, I had acquired a bit of background knowledge on a few random people.