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So overjoyed was the man that he awoke,and found that same finger in to the third joint whereanother of his members had much better been. Jones ̶ ̶ A parson of the olden time once rose in his pulpit and said.

The king ̶ ̶ Will some of the members please lower the windows a trifle? "Bretheren and sisters, there are many of our hearerswho are in the condition of the ancient English captainwho got religion. Thomas ̶ ̶ One night our friend Mc Fadden, overyounder, was stopping over in a country town in Iowa.

Go thou and do likewise." The King ̶ ̶ I am opposed to capital punishment. The taking off and putting away of hairand the plastering on and rearranging of same consumedtoo much of the employer's hours. Your dandies and foplings may laugh At her simple and modest attire, But the charms she permits to appear Would set a whole iceberg on fire, She can dance, but she never allows The hugging and squeezing caress, She's saving all these for her spouse, My girl in her calico dress. Mine Host was tearing mad, andtaking Mac out to the side of the house, pointed to thechromo and said: "There, sir, what do you think of that? The King ̶ ̶ We have all seen it, and possibly many of ushave ̶ ̶ but never mind. During the afternoon nothing special occured,until the subject of birthmarks was hit.

It was custom ofthe girls to take off said bangs and frizzes and put them inthe table drawers while at work. The King ̶ ̶ Gentlemen, there is both truth and poetry inthe old song. "Mac eyed it critically for a moment, and then replied:"Yes, I see. Then one showeda strawberry on her arm, another a cherry on her breast,still another a bee on her thigh.

Az Oi wuz a goin' to Nottinham faire, A ridin' on horseback upon a gray maire, Wid a lang mane and tail and a wishp on her back, Divil a haire wuz upon her that wuzn't coal-black OI mit a king and queen and a comp'ny a-morewid a nate little dhrummer bye, dhrummin' before Oh a nate little dhrummer bye batin his dhrum, Wid his heels in his pockets, before me did run. Morgan ̶ ̶ So the story goes, an Irishman by thename of Kelly fell from the top of a building in process ofconstruction and broke his neck. Opdyke ̶ ̶ Scene ̶ ̶ A bridal chamber; fresh country couple; gasblown out and stench accumulatin. Her presence calling to mindthe gossip, a committee of two ̶ ̶ an old deacon and a youngusher ̶ ̶ were appointed to wait on the young lady in thematter. "The next night I was passin' thedoor, and there was Mary Ann on the bed and she withouta stitch of clothes on her, and she still winkin' and smilin'. The old man was financially comfortable, butthe association had been so long and so endearing that themembers of the church felt that they must make him somepartying demonstration, presentations, etc.