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Reply Store #04839 in Chama, NM is the worst store I have ever experienced.

I went to purchase a specific item, that only they sell in this small town, last night, Sunday, at 5pm and the store was closed.

You have one store in this small town and can do a lot of business there. She is not only rude to the customers she is also rude to her employees. The woman was rude to me and rude to my daughter in law. She wrote my daughter in law up for wearing her jacket in the store. She told her if she did not take it off she would have to write her up.

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Howard Levine stepped down as CEO in January of 2016 after Dollar Tree acquired Family Dollar in late 2015.

The chain currently has over 7000 stores in 44 states and opens 300-500 new stores each year.

She would divide the hours equally between them all.

Also I do not understand why you all require the store to be open on the holidays.

Family Dollar was founded in 1959 by Leon Levine, their first location was in Charlotte, NC.