No sigin up horny mlfs hook up - Linksys stuck on validating identity

] WARNING: Receive timeout occurred [ ] Sending EAPOL START request [! One just has to wait until the WPS becomes unlocked. I've waited several hours and wash still says the AP is locked. I also once tried a commercial WPS cracker but that also failed.Also - this is an interesting link about the limitations of Reaver in the context of WPS locking: Im sure someone in this vast community can code such timesaver.

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] WARNING: Detected AP rate limiting, waiting 60 seconds before re-checking And so on....

I check with wash and it tells me the WPS is locked.

It appears that new routers/ access points are not validating first half of pin FIRST and AFTERWARDS second half of pin.

When reaver tried the first pin "1234" it automatcally bruteforce the second half of the pin since reaver assume that the access point confirm that the first half of the pin is true because the AP request a message 5 for the second half of the pin.

The program is menu driven so you start it and walk away.